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The Radiology Review Podcast

Jun 24, 2020

Q&A review of pages 23-26 of the ABR Noninterpretive Skills 2020 Study Guide for the ABR Core Exam on iodinated contrast materials, available at

Check out other free radiology board preparation materials on my website

Jun 17, 2020

VQ scans in Q&A format for radiology board preparation, part 2.  You can also download the free study guide on VQ scans at  

Jun 12, 2020

Review of VQ scans for the ABR Core Exam.  Check out additional free radiology board review content at and follow the podcast @radrevpodcast on Twitter.  

Jun 8, 2020

Review of fractures for the ABR Core examination. Make sure to also check out the free downloadable study guide on this topic available at  

Jun 4, 2020

Review of fractures for the ABR Core examination or other radiology board exams.  The Radiology Review Podcast was recently named #2 on the Top 5 Radiology Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020, link here: